Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How To Get Internet Marketing To Work

If you're like me, busy...busy...busy. Then how do you have time to make it work to build your business with out sitting spending a ton of money on advertising?

There are many sites out there that get people to see your website but they might be just clicking to get views to their own page...and the cycle continues. They have no intentions on getting more information about what you are offering. They're just clicking.

So, I don't have the latest and greatest tool that aims to build their own list for this new site that they have just created, but what I am hoping for is those of you out there that are getting results from your online advertising to share what is working for you.

A few days ago, someone who called me back after I put my email in his page because I liked the system he was using told me to use Text Ads and Mailers. The thing is, I use text ads a lot and I get thousands of impressions (people that see my ad) and even hundreds of click but no opt-ins or signups. And the funny thing is this particular website does not give people credits for clicking. So what am I doing wrong.

Can someone give some tip to me and my viewers that can help us get results from our online marketing? We do appreciate your suggestions...